The Concept of This Blog


Thank you for your visiting my first article.

I’d like to introduce the purpose and concept of this blog site.

The Concept of This Blog

Hi! I’m a university student in Japan and studying medicine to become a medical doctor.

On this blog, I will write articles about;

  • My days and thoughts, especially about medicine;
  • Practice and education of medicine in Japan;
  • Other things about Japan such as its culture;

And so on.

So the target readers of this blog will be everyone interested in Japan and Medicine.

In particular, I am interested in emergency medicine, intensive care, or acute care. So my topic will be focused on this area.

However, please don’t worry about which to read. On the top page, I will guide you to appropriate articles that will be interesting for you. So feel free to visit and enjoy them.

As you know, my English writing ability is very poor. I apologize for that before you read each article, and I would like you to post comments if my English is wrong.

 Thank you.

June, 20, 2019 QQ Med. Student,